Experience the BIG difference in wholesale insurance. Connect with us today and unlock a realm of personalised service, expert advice, and bespoke solutions that will take your brokerage to new heights.


Mid/High Net Worth

Our flagship scheme: Home and Lifestyle insurance designed exclusively for your mid/high net worth clients.

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Art Galleries

Art Gallery Insurance, the innovative scheme from BIG Underwriting.

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Unoccupied Properties

Residential or commercial, the latest addition to BIG Underwriting’s lineup of specialised schemes.

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Property Owners

Protect your clients’ property investments with BIG Underwriting.

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Why choose BIG?


Choose BIG Underwriting and our team of seasoned professionals for a deep understanding of the mid/high net worth market. We specialise in designing bespoke insurance packages, and can provide brokers and their clients with the most comprehensive coverage that meets their unique needs.


When you partner with BIG Underwriting, you gain access to personalised solutions. We recognise that each client is different, with specific requirements and assets to protect. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand the individual needs of brokers and their clients, ensuring that we design policies that offer premier protection and peace of mind.

Competitive Edge

Brokers who use BIG Underwriting gain access to exclusive quotations as we only ever put one quote to market. We offer excellent rates, great levels of cover, and generous commission levels across our full range of products

Digital first

Our digital first quoting system provides a speed of delivery for even the most complex quotes. Backed by a skilled team, we provide real-time decisions to streamline your quote to cover experience.


We hold partnerships with a number of leading Insurers including Hiscox and Lloyd’s of London. These relationships ensure financial security and stability, first class claims handling, and our ability to provide on demand quotations.

Big Partnership

Partner with us for expertise, tailored solutions, and exceptional value, whilst gaining a competitive edge for your customers.
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