Art Gallery Insurance

We understand the unique risks faced by art galleries and are dedicated to providing tailored insurance solutions to protect valuable collections and businesses.

Our comprehensive Art Gallery policy

01. Entensive

Coverage for artworks, sculptures, installations, and other valuable pieces.

02. Protection

Against theft, accidental damage, and loss, ensuring the collection is safeguarded.

03. Worldwide

All Risks coverage, providing peace of mind wherever the art may travel.

04. Coverage

For transit, exhibitions, and loaned artworks, allowing your client to showcase their collection with confidence.

05. Expert

Claims handling and valuation services, ensuring a seamless experience in the event of accidental damage or loss.

06. Optional

Cover for cyber risks, business interruption, and more, tailoring the policy to your clients’ specific needs.

07. Tailored

Whether a contemporary art gallery, a fine art museum, or a private art collection, we’ve got you covered.

At BIG Underwriting, we believe in the power of partnership. By joining forces with us and our Art Gallery Insurance scheme, you’ll gain access to a network of industry experts and receive exceptional service from our dedicated team. We understand the importance of art and will work tirelessly to protect your clients’ investments and support their success.

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