Mid/High Net Worth Insurance

Our flagship scheme: Home and Lifestyle insurance designed exclusively for your mid/high net worth clients.

Our comprehensive mid/high net worth policy

01. All Risks Cover

Worldwide coverage for peace of mind, no matter where your clients’ life takes them.

02. Renovations

Coverage for building works up to £75,000, ensuring those refurbishment projects are protected.

03. Extensive

Coverage for Antiques, Art, and Collectibles, up to £50,000, preserving your precious treasures.

04. Personal

Legal liability coverage, providing you with protection against unforeseen circumstances.

05. Domestic

Staff cover, ensuring the well-being of those who support your household.

06. Money

Safeguarding against theft or accidental loss, providing financial reassurance.

07. +Protection

Coverage for Bank Card unauthorised use, minimising the impact of unapproved transactions.

Experience the BIG difference with our Home and Lifestyle policy. Join our network of trusted brokers and gain access to exclusive, personalised service, and a product range that caters specifically to your mid to high net worth clients. Contact us today to learn more about partnering with BIG Underwriting and start offering added value protection to your clientele.

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